House Rules: Rook Tournament Series

House Rules

Each round of Rook will be played according to these House Rules:

  • Use cards 5-14 and 1 of each color, and the Rook
  • The 1 is the high card of each color
  • The Rook is always trump and catches everything
  • Each hand has 200 points (Rook & 1's = 20, 14's & 10's = 10, 5's = 5)
  • Minimum bid is 100; but no one must bid; if all pass, deal again
  • No "holding"; each player must bid or pass
  • Bidder must call trump; his partner cannot at any price
  • Each player is dealt 10 cards; 5 go in the kitty with the top card turned up
  • No points in your hand and none showing on the kitty is a misdeal
  • Catcher of the last trick wins the points discarded in the widow
  • "Shooting the Moon" has no meaning in the tournament