NCAA Tournament : Hall of Fame

  • 2023
    Connecticut 210 players

    1stVernell Fettig

    For her singular achievement, Vernell receives the Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snow Globe, which this year comes to us from the ancient and exotic land of Egypt. Hand carried from across the oceans and carefully chosen from either a local merchant in the historic Khan el-Khalili bazaar in the heart of Cairo -- or else picked up at an airport shop -- this snow globe features a remarkably life-like replica of the famed funerary mask of King Tutankhamun. The base of this objet d'art is emblazoned with the capital letters E-G-Y-P-T in bold primary colors against a golden background, which itself is inscribed around the entire circumference with ancient hieroglyphics, which some Egyptologists believe represent the actual original lyrics of "One Shining Moment" (some, mind you, but not all). Regardless, this handsome memento will no doubt become one of Vernell's most prized possessions, to be handed down to future generations in commemoration of her triumph this year.

    We also emailed Vernell a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

    2ndJohan Franzen

    A $50 Visa Gift Card.

    3rdPaul Kelly

    A $25 Amazon Gift Card.

  • 2022
    Kansas 230 players

    1stOwen Pickup

    In a brief but highly emotional impromptu ceremony in the days after his victory, we presented Owen with a personalized incarnation of the Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snow Globe for reaching the pinnacle of prognostication. No mere souvenir of a distant international land, this globe comes to us from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and features a classic Captain America leaping into action next to a giant white star, resembling the one emblazoned on his iconic Vibranium-metal alloy shield. Not only does this globe produce gently falling flakes upon shaking, and depict Christmas ornaments around its base, but Owen can wind up the base to hear melodious Christmas carols as he watches our superhero race through the snow. I am sure this prize will bring not only yuletide cheer and Avengers excitement to the Pickup household, but also memories of Owen's victory for many years yet to come.

    We also slipped Owen a crisp $100 bill.

    2ndKellyn McArdle

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    3rdLinda Rosen

    A $25 Amazon Gift Card.

  • 2021
    Baylor 204 players

    1stRod Hovater

    As a emblem suitable to signify his victory, we present Rod with the 2021 edition of the Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snow Globe, thoughtfully selected and generously donated to our contest by Tracy & Bret Jardine, who hand carried this unique prize via transatlantic aircraft on a pre-COVID journey all the way from Italy. At first approach, one might perceive this objet d'art as merely a colorful rendition of a Vespa scooter, ubiquitous among the teeming streets of Rome, and emblazoned with the green, white, and red stripes of the Italian flag. But upon closer inspection, a lucid orb emerges atop the scooter's seat, encircling a scale model of the world famous Duomo di Firenze, the Cathedral of Florence. Pick up this little showpiece and give it a gentle shake, and the historic edifice is enveloped in a rarely seen flurry of snow. Rod tells me his last European trip was to Italy, including a couple days in Florence, which helped steer him to choose this globe over the others in our supply. But let's be honest: a tour of the birthplace of the Renaissance would be quickly forgotten compared to the enduring rush of prevailing in our basketball contest. Either way, this snow globe will occupy a place of honor in the Hovater household for generations to come.

    Rod also receives a $100 Gift Card from Amazon.

    2ndDave Hamlett

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    3rdPeter McArdle

    A $25 Amazon Gift Card.

  • 2019
    Virginia 200 players

    1stJason Stringer

    In recognition of his accomplishment, Jason receives the Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe, which this year comes to us from the far away land of Kentucky, home to Mammoth Cave National Park. Carefully selected from the gift shop's impressive souvenir collection, this globe features a brightly colored model of subterranean features from the longest cave system known to man on planet Earth. But unlike traditional globes with snow, when Jason shakes up this trophy, the cave will be filled with dozens of plastic black bats that appear to flutter through the air. It's not a snowglobe, it's a batglobe! My understanding is that Jason's children had a lot of input on choosing this globe from the available pool of globes we keep on hand -- which can only mean that the entire Stringer family will treasure even more this symbol of Jason's victory, proudly displayed atop an appropriate mantle, for years and years to come.

    Jason also receives a $100 Gift Card from Amazon.

    2ndBrooke Acree

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    3rdMichael Parker

    A $25 Amazon Gift Card.

  • 2018
    Villanova 166 players

    1stPaul Gilbert

    For his achievement, Paul receives the Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe. Paul has chosen from this year's pool of available globes this handsome Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo Snowglobe, generously donated to our contest by Tim Turner out in Poulsbo, Washington, during a recent trip to sunny Orlando, Florida. Perched atop a sturdy rock, gently buffeted by the waves of Sydney Harbor, stands one of the "rats with wings" that relentlessly pursue Marlin and Dory in this hilarious scene from the movie. In this snowglobe, however, our brave heroes, while casting a wary eye on the seagull, are safely tucked away inside the confines of the snowglobe like a fish bowl. At the base of the rock is emblazoned the one word that scene is famous for: "Mine! Mine! Mine!" This truly is a nice globe, and we know it will find a suitable place of honor in Paul's home as a testament to his accomplishment this year.

    Paul also receives a $100 Gift Card from Amazon.

    2ndWarren Johnson

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    3rdDrew Hayes

    A $25 Amazon Gift Card.

  • 2017
    North Carolina 161 players

    1stCooper Hayes

    In honor of his historic victory, we have bequeathed to Cooper the Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe. Personally selected by your contest organizer from among a vast array of Dutch globes at Schiphol Airport, then hand-carried across the Atlantic, this year's globe features a trio of famous Amsterdam canal houses at its center, one red, one white, and one yellow. Would you like to envision the "Venice of the North" in the winter? Simply shake the globe gently, and witness the power of virtual reality in the palm of your hand. The base of this sturdy snowglobe is anchored by the escutcheon of the coat of arms of Amsterdam, with its three crosses of Saint Andrew, and complemented by peaceful scenes of the city and the greater Netherlands. Cooper has dedicated his win this year to his mother, Nel Hayes, and this globe, as a symbol of both his accomplishment and his maternal devotion, will hold a place of honor in the Hayes household for generations to come.

    Cooper also receives a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

    Cooper also becomes the youngest player ever to win our contest, shattering the previous record from 2003, when Daniel Broadwell won at age eleven.

    2ndSandy Hayes

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    3rdHolly Johnson

    A $25 Amazon Gift Card.

  • 2016
    Villanova 155 players

    1stClay Hovater

    Congratulations to Clay Hovater, who receives this handsome Berlin Snow Globe, hand carried to the U.S. from Germany by renowned world traveler Richard Chinnis. With the famous Brandenburg Gate at its center, the base of this heirloom quality piece features full-color, three-dimensional vignettes of this major European capital. No doubt this memento will commemorate Clay's achievement as the first Hovater to win the contest for many years to come.

    Clay also received a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

    2ndMichael LaGrone

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    3rdKeegan McArdle

    A $25 Amazon Gift Card.

  • 2015
    Duke 154 players

    1stBen Hall

    To commemorate his triumph, Ben has selected from our pool of available prizes this handsome Moab Snow Globe. As the gateway to both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in southeastern Utah, the town of Moab is a haven for lovers of the outdoors, and is one of the favorite places that Ben's wife, Emily, has ever visited. Featuring the famous Delicate Arch as its centerpiece, the base of this snow globe highlights the striking natural beauty of the area, along with scenes of hiking, biking, and rafting, as well as local wildlife. Created using only the latest Chinese manufacturing techniques, this quality memento will sit in a place of appropriate honor in the Hall household for years to come.

    Ben also receives a $100 Amazon gift card, which he may choose to apply toward a display case suitable for his snow globe -- or, perhaps, something else.

    With his win this year, the snowglobe returns to Embry Hills for the first time since 2007, when Lindsay Mast won it all. Ben also becomes the first "full time" gospel preacher to win the contest. And, since my Aunt Liz lost out with the Wisconsin defeat, our streak of 20 unique winners in 20 years remains unbroken.

    2ndAustin Underwood

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    3rdRhetta Roy

    A $25 Amazon Gift Card.

  • 2014
    Connecticut 170 players

    1stSusan Gaughan

    Susan's accomplishment will forever be commemorated through the annual Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe. Generously brought to us this year by world traveler Richard Chinnis, this year's snowglobe portrays the colorful springtime beauty of Holland. Featuring a dramatic traditional windmill in the center, the base of this handsome piece depicts classic Dutch figures enjoying the lush, flowering landscape of the Netherlands. With just a flick of the wrist, this pastoral scene becomes ironically enveloped in snow. And while Susan's snowglobe should complement the Parisian snowglobe that her father won in 2011, there will no doubt be much debate over which globe exudes the greater glory.

    We have also sent Susan a $100 gift card from Amazon.

    2ndAndrew Shannon

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    3rdKathy Williams

    A $25 Amazon Gift Card.

  • 2013
    Louisville 159 players

    1stBernita Voorhees

    After my mom won third place in 2012, her sister Bernita Voorhees (aka my Aunt Liz) becomes my first blood relative to win the entire contest. This year's Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe was carried by hand to the US from our neighbor to the south, the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, whose citizens can now enjoy high quality Video On Demand via Cisco settop boxes. Featuring a cowboy astride a bucking bronco, and emblazoned with the red, white and green Mexican flag on its base, this authentic "designed in Mexico" memento will surely find a place of honor in Aunt Liz's home as a fitting tribute to her tournament triumph.

    Aunt Liz also receives a $100 Gift Card.

    2ndSusan Jolly

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    3rdPreston Owens

    A $25 SuperCertificate.

  • 2012
    Kentucky 159 players

    1stKeith Seaton

    Fourteen years ago, I traveled to Israel with a preacher named Doug Seaton from Memphis, and after seeing that Jerusalem snowglobe first hand, Doug has been playing our contest ever since. Eventually his son Keith joined us, and in 2012, Keith becomes the first Seaton to win a prize. Keith is now a deacon at the East Shelby congregation, and while his true basketball loyalty lies with his alma mater Memphis, he was raised a proper Kentucky fan.

    For his victory, Keith receives the Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe, which this year comes to us hand-carried (as always) from Madrid, Spain. Featuring the unusual ancient symbol of the city, a statue depicting a bear eating from a strawberry tree (just Google it), the full-color base of this handsome snowglobe features images of important landmarks around the Spanish capital. Destined to find a place of honor in the Seaton household, this snowglobe will remind all who gaze upon it (primarily his wife and three daughters) of Keith's bracket achievement of 2012.

    Keith also receives a $100 Gift Card.

    2ndMatthew Matheny

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    3rdKathy Williams

    A $25 Amazon Gift Card.

  • 2011
    Connecticut 167 players

    1stPat Gaughan

    Our favorite Gee-Tee P-H-Dee in Double-E, now enforcing Moore's Law for Intel out in Austin, Texas, longtime contest player Patrick T. "Patman" Gaughan is our first place winner. While bragging rights for a year among our many Gaughan family contestants is no doubt prize enough for Pat, he also will receive the Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe. The 2011 incarnation is an artful French-Chinese creation highlighting the landmarks of Paris, that international icon of US college basketball. Sitting atop his mantle or bookcase, this handsome trophy will commemorate Pat's contest victory for guests or passers-by for many years to come.

    Pat also receives a $100 Gift Card.

    2ndEthan Bruns

    A $50 SuperCertificate.

    3rdDaniel Broadwell

    A $25 SuperCertificate.

  • 2010
    Duke 152 players

    1stRoger Pink

    With his victory, Roger receives the annual Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe. Hand selected from a wide variety of quality globes from the finest supplier at Amsterdam's Schiphol International Airport, this year's globe is a tribute to Holland. Supported by a base dotted with beautiful Dutch tulips, this globe features that most iconic symbol of the Netherlands, a traditional windmill, which becomes enveloped in snow with just a simple shake. Roger assures me he has already cleared a highly visible place of honor on his mantle to display this prize, which will serve as a fitting tribute to his accomplishment for years to come.

    Roger also receives a Flip Ultra HD 120 pocket digital video camcorder, courtesy of my employer, Cisco Systems (we own Flip now). It is my understanding that Roger's daughter, Jennifer Gumbert, has graciously agreed to take care of the Flip on Roger's behalf, and use it to capture footage of his grandchildren whenever possible...

    2ndMary Broadwell

    A $50 SuperCertificate.

    3rdJennifer McIlvain

    A $25 SuperCertificate.

  • 2009
    North Carolina 135 players

    1stThaxter Dickey

    Thaxter began playing our contest back in 1998 when March Madness kicked off while we were both on a Ferrell Jenkins tour of Israel. His son Jared won first place the very next year when he was just 14 years old. And now, a decade later, Thaxter becomes the second member of that Israel tour group to win our contest (the first being Dave Merry back in 2002). For his accomplishment, Thaxter receives the annual Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe, which comes to us this year from Brussels, Belgium. Hand carried from one of the finest purveyors of snowglobes in the Lower Town, just off the Grand Place, the base of this richly decorated globe features striking three-dimensional depictions of the city's ornate 17th-century architecture. Within the globe itself is replica of the Hotel de Ville, the historic Town Hall, surrounded by a gorgeous carpet of flowers, all of which can be quickly surrounded by falling snow with just a flick of the wrist.

    And as if that were not enough, Thaxter also receives $100 SuperCertificate.

    2ndDrew Hayes

    A $50 SuperCertificate.

    3rdChad Ford

    A $25 SuperCertificate.

  • 2008
    Kansas 156 players

    1stBrian Parks

    Our winner this year is Brian Parks from Raliegh, NC, who plans to become a freshman at Georgia Tech in Atlanta in the fall of 2008. (Brian's parents were seniors at Tech when I was a freshman there). For his accomplishment, Brian receives the Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe, which comes to us this year from a reputable gift shop on the ancient streets of Rome, Italy. The center of this stunning display piece features a detailed replica of the ruins of the Roman Colosseum, sitting atop a base formed by a panorama of ancient scrolls, each depicting another historical landmark -- from the Pantheon to St. Peter's Basilica to the Trevi Fountain. A welcome addition to any dorm room, this snowglobe will no doubt become a treasured heirloom from undergraduate school through retirement.

    Brian also receives $75 in gift cards to Barnes & Noble (the official campus bookstore of Georgia Tech), and a $25 iTunes card, another back-to-school essential.

    2ndGlenn Bruns

    A $50 SuperCertificate.

    3rdEthan Bruns

    A $25 SuperCertificate.

  • 2007
    Florida 143 players

    1stLindsay Mast

    As our winner, Lindsay receives the Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe, which comes to us this year from a street market inside the ancient Moorish palace and fortress, the Alhambra, in Granada, Spain. The base of this heirloom quality globe features a bas relief depiction of the Patio of the Lions on one side, and a panorama of the entire Alhambra, with the Sierra Nevada mountains looming behind it, on the other. In the globe itself is a scale model of the Alcazaba with its towers and fortifications overlooking the city of Granada below. And with a shake of your wrist, the entire scene is enveloped in a gentle Andalusian snowfall. No doubt this memorable trophy will be handed down to generation after generation of Masts in tribute to Lindsay's impressive victory in our contest.

    Lindsay also receives $100 in gift cards to The Capital Grille, so -- if she chooses -- she can treat her husband David to a nice dinner before Ada's baby brother or sister is born this fall.

    2ndNora Gilbert

    A $50 Home Depot Gift Card.

    3rdMelissa Reynolds

    An Official CBS-NCAA Atlanta Final Four 2007 polo shirt.

  • 2006
    Florida 131 players

    1stMary Stuart Shannon

    With perhaps a little advice from her brother Andrew, Mary Stuart Shannon wins our contest for 2006, outdoing her dad Stuart's previous second place finishes in 1996 and 1998. By finishing on top, Mary Stuart wins our Highly Coveted Tournament Contest Snowglobe, this year coming her very own ancestral homeland, the Emerald Isle. Featuring a mythical leprechaun with his traditional pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow, this handsome snowglobe was purchased from the gift shop at Muckross House outside Killarney in County Kerry, Ireland, and hand carried by way of London back to the US. Not only will this handsome snowglobe honor her Irish heritage, it will long serve as a unique reminder of Mary Stuart's triumphant victory in our contest.

    Mary Stuart also receives a $50 in Cash, which she is encouraged to share with her brother Andrew ;-)

    2ndVirginia Barrow

    A $25 SuperCertificate.

    3rdJohn Trigg

    A free stay at Pat Stagner's beautiful Florida Condo, subject to availability.
  • 2005
    North Carolina 133 players

    1stJohan Franzen

    Not only does Johan become the first Swede ever to win our contest, but for his victory, he also receives an Egyptian Snowglobe as a trophy of his achievement. Originally manufactured by skilled Chinese artisans, and then sold in one of Cairo's finest souvenir shops, this showpiece snowglobe was flown across the Atlantic to the US by members of Ferrell Jenkins' 2005 tour of Egypt. Shaped more like a stubby obelisk than a sphere, this snowglobe houses the head of the ancient Egyptian falcon god Horus, crowned with the traditional Sun disk. Underneath its square base are both a label reading "Made in China" printed in Arabic, and a handwritten price tag in Egyptian pounds, testifying to its authenticity. When it is not on loan to this year's traveling Tutankhamen exhibit, this artifact will no doubt sit with pride atop the Franzen's mantel.

    Johan also receives a $100 SuperCertificate.

    2ndJames Mayberry

    A $50 SuperCertificate.

    3rdSusan Caudill

    A $25 SuperCertificate.

  • 2004
    Connecticut 123 players

    1stMichael Goodson

    For his accomplishment, Michael will receive the envy of basketball fans everywhere, the Tournament Contest Snowglobe. This year's snowglobe, hand-carried from the finest souvenir shop in London's Gatwick airport, features Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and two of London's most unique vehicles, a double-decker bus, and a black taxicab. The base of this handsome display piece features remarkable 3-D representations of such landmarks as St. Paul's Cathedral and the London Eye. A fitting trophy for Michael's triumphant victory, this snowglobe will be sure to occupy a place of honor in the Goodson home for many years to come.

    Michael also receives a $100 SuperCertificate.

    Ties with Mitchell Mellor in 2001 for highest ever point total (155).

    2ndBarry Caudill

    A $50 SuperCertificate.

    Best-ever performance of any player from the vast Hall-Caudill extended family network, surpassing his sister-in-law Sara from 2003.

    3rdGrady Walker

    A $25 SuperCertificate.

  • 2003
    Syracuse 101 players

    1stDaniel Broadwell

    For the eleven-year old youngest of the four Broadwell brothers, we bestow the highly coveted snowglobe, symbolic trophy of our contest. A welcome addition to any room, this year's snowglobe features a striking figure of Mickey Mouse, set atop a base depicting Cinderella's Castle, and crowned by stunning gold-tone turret! Obtained directly from the fabulous Walt Disney World Resort in sunny Orlando, Florida, and hand carried back to Atlanta, this snowglobe includes not just snow, but floating glitter shaped like Mickey's head as well.

    Daniel will also receive a $100 gift card to the Sports Authority, where I understand he has his eye on some cool paintball gear. And, perhaps most valuable of all, a full year of bragging rights over several of his friends, not to mention two of his brothers, and even his mom.

    Daniel also achieves the distinction of being the youngest player ever to win first place in our contest, breaking the old record set by Jared Dickey in 1999, when he was only 14 years old.

    2ndSara Haynes

    A $50 donation in her name to Georgia Right To Life

    Most improved player of the year, after finishing 78th out of 83 in 2002.

    Best-ever performance of any player from the vast Hall-Caudill extended family network.

    3rdToni Jernigan

    A $25 donation in her name to Georgia Right To Life

    Best Rookie Finish of 2003

  • 2002
    Maryland 83 players

    1stDavid Merry

    An exquisitely crafted London Snowglobe, imported by hand from an exclusive Oxford Street vendor! A handsome addition to any decor, this snowglobe features stunningly realistic replicas of such famous London landmarks as Big Ben, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, plus much, much more. Shake this baby up a bit, and you'll believe you're standing right there in ol' London town during a light snow storm.

    And a $100 gift card from Sears.

    2ndSteven Matheny

    $50 in Cash

    3rdDavid Williams

    $1000 (hehehe)

  • 2001
    Duke 75 players

    1stMitchell Mellor

    A beautifully crafted Paris Snowglobe, imported by hand from the Eiffel Tower gift shop in Paris, France! The base of this quality keepsake features a painted ceramic panorama of the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and other famous Paris landmarks. The snowglobe itself houses a striking miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower. It's sure to be a handsome and welcome addition to any home.

    And a $100 gift certificate to REI.

    2ndCarrie Griggs

    A free weekend stay at the beautiful Sierra Suites at Lake Buena Vista in sunny Orlando, Florida.

    3rdGrady Walker

    A $60 gift certificate to the HoneyBaked Ham Company

  • 2000
    Michigan State 63 players

    1st"Elisabeth" Burke

    For Elisabeth Burke, the 4-month old daughter of Michael and Alisha Burke, former members of Embry Hills who now worship at South Forsyth, a $100 gift certificate from Babies'R'Us. It has come to my attention that Baby Elisabeth may have had some assistance from her father in making her picks. Many of you may have suspected the same, according to various rumors I have heard. We are therefore encouraging Elisabeth to share her winnings with her Dad.

    2ndPatty Walker

    A $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    3rdSandy Hayes

    A Free Night at Courtyard by Marriott

  • 1999
    Connecticut 51 players

    1stJared Dickey

    A $50 gift certificate from The Sports Authority, and a $50 gift certificate from CompUSA.

    2ndMitchell Mellor

    A certificate good for one night's stay at any Courtyard by Marriott Hotel (valued at around $50-$99), plus the highly coveted Leaning Tower of Pisa Snow Globe, costing literally thousands (of lire, that is), freshly imported from Italy.

    3rdSteven Matheny

    A 10-pack of $10 ticket gift certificates for any 1999 Atlanta Braves regular season home game.

  • 1998
    Kentucky 27 players

    1stHolly Turner

    A free weekend stay at any Courtyard by Marriott hotel. Approximate value $110-$200.

    2ndStuart Shannon

    A 10-pack of $10 ticket gift certificates for any 1998 Atlanta Braves regular season home game.

    3rdStephen Flynt

    A set of four Deloitte & Touche coffee mugs, and the highly coveted Jerusalem Snowglobe, purchased in Jericho and hand carried to the US. Not available in any store. Value: priceless.

  • 1997
    Arizona 34 players

    1stScott Rice

    A free weekend stay at any Courtyard by Marriott hotel. Approximate value $110-$200.

    2ndLeAnna Beutjer

    Four certificates good for tickets to any 1997 Atlanta Braves regular season home game. Value $40.

    3rdTim Harmon

    A $20 gift card from Blockbuster.

  • 1996
    Kentucky 20 players

    1stBlaine Mellor

    A "no-expenses paid" weekend getaway to Anita & Jim Gurley's condo at Beech Mountain in North Carolina. During the off-season, however. No skiing, but there is golf there. Thanks to the Gurleys for donating our big prize.

    2ndStuart Shannon

    $15 in cash

    3rd"Ben" Hayes

    $5 in cash -- which unfortunately does not cover the cost of faxing his pick sheet to Atlanta from Jerusalem. "Ben" is required to share his prize money with his brother Drew, who made it possible for him to enter the contest at all ... so to speak.