Invitational Rook Tournament Series

About Us

Welcome to the home of our Invitational Rook Tournament Series!

Twice a year, we host a Invitational Tournament for friends and relatives of the Hovater family in Roswell, Georgia.

Every fall since 1995 brings the Larry Smith Invitational Tournament, in honor of Mrs. Hovater's late father.

In the spring of 2009, we began the Paul Griffin Invitational Tournament, in honor of a beloved elder at the Embry Hills church.

In 2016, some friends from the Mountain View congregation began hosting the Wesley Guyton Invitational Tournament to honor his passing in 2015.

All three men were faithful Christians -- and excellent Rook players.

2024 Paul Griffin Invitational

Our most recent Tournament was held on April 20, 2024.

Congratulations to our winner, Steve Cornett!

Final standings are below, and you can review the round-by-round action here.

Visit us again later to learn about our next tournament!

2024 Paul Griffin Standings